~ Lino Miele ~

Lino Miele

I found out that Lino Miele was coming to Milan for 4 days of ashtanga. There was no way i was going to miss this.
Lino Miele “is said to be one of the most capable Ashtanga Yoga teachers in the world”, he is also one of the fewest certified teachers in the world as Sri K Patthabi Jois’ student.
I quickly signed up to 2 mysore style classes – both at 7am in the morning. I paid a total of €70 for both classes…i guess i had assumed that it would be something like when Sharath came to Milan….but no…it was a mysore style class which meant that you come and you start going thru the primary series sequence on your own, regardless of what everyone else is doing…and then Lino Miele and the other resident Yogi’s at the Scuola di Ashtanga Yoga Milano walk around everyone and adjust & help.
All of this is all good & well, problem is i am so used to doing Vinyasa flow, which gives a lot more freedom of movement from one asana to the next, mixing it up between primary, secondary etc…i wasn’t prepared for this…not very prepared…in fact i was able to get to Navasana w/o any problems…then the problems start. So if like me, you get a little stuck after Navasana, Lino suggests doing a few exercises to release the shoulders: camel pose and bridge pose…then you you were asked to move into the adjacent room to go thru the finishing sequence.
Which is exactly what i did. What i didn’t know and could not prepare for, was the emotional impact the practice would have on me.
It was intense, daunting, i was also the youngest one in the room, everyone else was more mature and definitely way more experienced…it was quite scary to be honest….it didn’t help that the room was small and narrow, very hot and steamy, and that the space between each mat was probably no more than 5cm…all you can hear is the deep ujjay breath emanating from each student….it was almost entrancing….the deep breathing, the movements, there was something very powerful in that room that connected everyone…it was beautiful. I went thru different emotions, i felt happiness, elation, frustration, sadness, anger….and during savasana some tears were even shed. It almost felt like being broken down to be rebuilt ~ it was almost cleansing ~ i do believe that by the end of the day i felt so much better…like i had found the answers, or at least that the answers were there, and that it’s not impossible, it can be done, you just gotta hang in there and persevere…patience, determination & faith….after all, as Sri K Patthabi Jois said “99% practice, 1% theory….practice, practice, practice and all is coming”.
Lino Miele comes to Milan twice a year – October and March i believe? Tho i will need to double check that! 😉

Lino Miele

Lino Miele & Guruji


About ctyoga

Christiane has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her yogic journey began in 2000 as a student of Swami Nirmal (now at the Satyananda Centre in London) at the Fitness First gym in Kensal Rise, London. She experienced various teachers in different Fitness Firsts in Central London and around Clapham Junction before changing gyms and meeting Alexa Kho at LA FItness in Piccadilly Circus, London. Christiane attended Alexa's Anusara classes as well as her workshops. In January 2011 she enrolls in a 200hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training course with Rebecca Ffrench at YogaLondon. Vinyasa Flow is a modern form of yoga that comes from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and follows Sri K Pattabhi Jois. She quickly become passionate of this discipline and wants to deepen her knowledge; this brings her to meet and attend many workshops with Stewart Gilchrist, Shiva Rea, John Scott, Danny Paradise...all very famous teachers around the world. Being in the presence of such teachers is a significant experience for Christiane, in terms of her yogic journey, personal transformation and growth as well as understanding of yoga. After 11years in London, she moves to Milan to deepen and continue her journey. In Milan she teaches privately (1:1 and group classes) as well as in various yoga and dance centers. Milan is where her love for Ashtanga Vinyasa deepens and grows, bringing her to attend workshops with Lino Miele, Sharath Jois and most recently Kino MacGregor...all original students of Guruji, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. All of this culminates with a long awaited and long overdue trip to India, the birthplace of Yoga. Here Christiane deepens her practice and knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga by doing a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa TTC with Yogi Kamal Singh at Tattvaa Yogashala in Rishikesh India. After the monthlong course, her travels take her around India practicing with various other world renown teachers, namely with Sri V. Sheshadri in Mysore and with Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa. In 2013 Christiane decides to embark on yet another yoga adventure, this time in Aerial Yoga! The course was divided into two weekends: level I in April and level II in June, after which she becomes a qualified Aerial Yoga teacher. Teacher and student of yoga, writer, adventurous soul, creative mind, curious world traveler & lover of the outdoors. Current HQ: Milan, Italy.
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  1. Jim Glaze says:

    I need to have to appreciate this very excellent read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it. I’ve you bookmarked your internet site to take a look at the fresh stuff you post.

  2. ctyoga says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment & thanks for having bookmarked my site – hope you continue enjoying! Peace x

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