ashtanga vinyasa series

* From the Book Ashtanga As It Is by Matthew Sweeney except Advanced C



6 Responses to ashtanga vinyasa series

  1. ClaudioM says:

    oh my GOODNESS! I’ve never seen such a comprehensive “flow chart” of so many asnas,,, This person is amazing to say the least!

  2. yoginflow says:

    amazing thank you

  3. Jamile says:

    Hello Christiane! Thank you for this content, this is the only place in web I find advanced B and C poses. Do you have Advanced D?

    Thank you!

    • ctyoga says:

      Hi Jamile,
      you are most welcome! No i do not, i’ve also been looking for it. i think you must practice w a teacher in order to be given it 🙂

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